Why do you charge $130?

I think it’s an understandable question to ask why I charge for my services since it is a financial investment.

I think that therapy should be accessible and cheap/free for everyone but unfortunately our current capitalism culture and government doesn’t make it possible. Free services like non-government organisations are often underfunded and overwhelmed with people so you might have to wait months until you get a session and weeks/months between sessions.

This is why people look to private practitioners for more immediate access and choice of who to see.

My fees are lower than the recommended fees from the Australian Association of Social Workers who recommend $240/hour for social workers in private practice. I am currently not Medicare accredited but aim to be – it’s a lengthy process that might take a few years. I have also lowered my price to accommodate this.

I try my best to balance my cost of living and work expenses with being affordable.

  • 60 minutes of therapy (sometimes more);
  • 5 -15 minutes of case notes after the session;
  • Between session liaison, support and advocacy to other people and/or services in your support network;
  • Limited email support between sessions;
  • And contribution to my professional development and resources:
    • Rent and other practical resources e.g. paper, electricity, etc.
    • Professional membership and recognition as a social worker;
    • Public liability and professional indemnity insurance;
    • Fortnightly external supervision from multiple supervisors with different specialities;
    • Training fees and study fees to keep up with the most recent best practice and models;
    • And my own regular therapy to make sure I have the psychological and emotional space to provide the best possible service and presence in my sessions with you.
  • My living expenses! Food, housing, clothes, phone bill, and anything else I need for day to day life.

With warmth,


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