Community work + consultant services

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Custom Training & Workshops

I can design and deliver custom workshops and training to teams and/or organisations on my SME topics related to Anti-Oppressive Practice, Reflective Supervision, Social Work Ethics, Group Work, Conflict Management, Counselling, and more. Reach out if you think there’s anything I might be able to support your team with. 

Example of past work: 

  • Workplace Conflict Management & Non-Violent Communication (3 Hours) 
  • Genogram Workshop: Genograms and how to use them in supervision, self-reflection, and therapeutically with clients. (1 Hour)
  • Attachment Theory Workshop (1 Hour)
  • Introduction to working with polyamory, non-monogamy and/or multi-parterdom (2 Hours)

Fee is dependent on content, attendance numbers, delivery format (online or in-person), recorded/not recorded, etc. 

Community Accountability / Transformative Justice Processes

I offer facilitation of community accountability processes, restorative justice / transformative justice processes, listening circles, and reflection spaces.

I can support any type of group, family or organisation in facilitating a CA/TJ process for when harm has been done to an individual or group of people. Mediation is not appropriate when there has been a boundary violation. 

This is not a service just for workplaces or organisations. People who can participate an benefit from CA/TJ examples can be a friendship group, a local Anarchist chapter, or biological family.

Resource development

Developing resources and training material for NGOs and teaching institutions. 

Examples include: 

  • Reflective systemic group supervision model for Brighter Futures SDN 
  • Student placement induction training for BaptistCare NSW Women’s Services
  • Anti-Oppressive Practice Course
  • 8 Week LGBTQIA+ Victim-Survivor Group 

Circle Facilitation

I can facilitate listening, learning, grief and care, and healing circles. 

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