Neurodivergent-Affirming Autism & ADHD Assessment Services:

Neurodivergent-Affirming Autism & ADHD Assessment Services:

I get asked if I do these assessments a lot because I’ve self-disclosed being neurospicy myself. Unfortunately, social workers are not eligible and you need a psychologist to diagnose you. Some social workers are trained in the same assessments but their paperwork and qualifications are not given the same weight in the medicolegal system in Sydney NSW. Other states may vary.  

Here’s a list of some (not exhaustive list) of neurodivergent-affirming assessors. Happy to include any suggestions. 

The services I’ve listed all offer online → there’s usually 3- 6 month wait list and around $2500 to assess for both.

The caveat is if you want to explore medication then skip this step and go straight to a psychiatrist as they generally like to do their own assessments. 

If you want to use this assessment for a NDIS or disability pension then make sure to request a Functional capacity/ Adaptive Capacity Assessment which can other incur an additional cost.


I’m putting fellow neurodivergent folk up top an the list to privilege lived experienced practitioners:



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