Anti-Capitalist Therapist Ramblings

How I make anti-capitalist choices in my work and business...

I’m a sole trader and work for myself, profiting from my own labour and reject the expansionist mindset capitalism and colonialism promotes.

  1. There is a belief that the ultimate goal for a therapist (whether a social worker, counsellor, psychologist/etc) is to grow their brand and client referral base enough to employ other therapists as either employees or contractors so they make money off other people’s labour, and to move to a purely managerial role. Then make enough money to hire a manager to take over your role to move to a passive income role. I have no desire to build an empire and colonise other people’s labour the way Australia was colonised by the British. 

    This does not align with my ethics or desires. I want to get better at what I do (as a therapist, social worker and supervisor) and make a liveable wage but not to get ahead in the game of capitalism on the ill mental health of other human beings. 

  1. Apart from covering all my business expenses and making enough to cover my living expenses (+ super contribution) I price my services as low as close to this line as possible. My supervisors even encourage me to do the annual increase with inflation most therapists do but I hem and haw and avoid it if possible. I only increase every few years when I feel like it’s necessary.

  1. I take things slow – I’m not filling my books as full of work as possible. I usually take at least 30 minutes between sessions to stretch, drink, snack, go to the bathroom, take a walk, and be a clean slate for my next session. 

    I reject the hustle and urgency of capitalism. I don’t believe I need to make as much as I can. I believe in doing the best job I can for the people I see. Lining people up back to back doesn’t allow me to be present. 

  1. I separate my self worth from my earning capacity. If I make $50,000 or $200,00 / year I still see myself as worth the same and I define myself by my connection and if I’m living congruent to my values.

  2. I don’t believe in working a 9-5, 35-40 hours/week, and work the hours that work for my brain. My first work appointment is at 11am and I finish 7:30pm. This works for my when my neurodivergent and night owl brain works best.

  3. I get to do work that doesn’t make heaps of money but that I enjoy. Sometimes I donate my time for example – cutting into my work hours I ran an online Intro to EMDR Workshop for therapists from Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture (TRC) in Palestine.

  4. I get to price things in a way that is sliding scale for projects/organisations so I can offer cheaper services to grassroot groups. I get to do stuff that’s meaningful, not just to make money.

  5. I pay the rent not only to my landlord but also Pay The Rent as I live, love, work and profit on unceded Aboriginal land. This is also to align my behaviour with my values around First Nations self-determination. Pay The Rent is not tax deductible to keep government restrictions away and maintain total autonomy.

  6. How I wrote my website copy and design to not be coercive or not to try my products but instead trying to really practice intentional consent in my website.

  7. Fee transparency on my website.



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