Other anti-oppressive dimensions – Body Liberation, Health At Every Size,

Health At Every Size, Body Liberation, and Weight Neutrality

This is often a dimension of Anti-Oppressive Practice that get’s forgotten, yet one that could apply to everyone. There is a weight bias in our wellness and health industries that disadvantages and stigmatises those whose bodies do not look skinny or pretty. 

Resources I recommend for everyone: 

  • Christy Harrisson’s books especially “Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Well-Being, and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating”. This book was great in laying out all the pseudo-science society uses to justify weight stigma and dispel them using scientific studies! 
  • Centre for Body Trust: It’s a great online training service based in the US that offers books, reflection groups, workshops and training programs for professionals and community members.

Some local (Gadigal and Bidjigal Land/Sydney) counsellors for disordered eating and body image concerns are:

  • Rachel Roberts (she/her) counsellor from https://makespacecounselling.com/
  • Ari Spanos (they/she) dietician from https://www.constellationsconsulting.com.au/
  • Rebecca Levi (she/her) dietician from https://glowgroup.co/about-us/meet-the-team/



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