What do you wear to therapy with me?

My answer is to come as you are – I don’t have a dress code. When I first started therapy years ago I felt an internal pressure to impress or have my therapist approve of me so I made a bit of an effort in my outfit. BUT. I think therapy is about authenticity and that involves coming into session in leggings and a crop, or PJs and no bra if that’s what’s comfortable for you. As long as your bottom is covered for hygiene reasons on my coach then it’s all good.

I’ve worked for other private practice run by psychologists (twice!) and hated the business casual dress code. Today I’m wearing uggs to work and currently have purple hair. That doesn’t mean I’m any less of a professional or don’t know my shit. So same goes for you – come as you are and I’ll respect you all the same if you’re in trackies or a three piece suit.


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